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Is Cold Stone Halal? Unraveling the Delicious Mystery!

Are you ready for the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience? Cold Stone Creamery, the ice cream aficionados' paradise, has been tantalizing taste buds since its inception in Tempe, USA, back in 1988.

Whether you're a die-hard fan or a first-time visitor, this creamy haven is where ice cream dreams come true. But the burning question remains: Is Cold Stone Creamery halal? Let's dig in and uncover the scrumptious truth!

Cold Stone Creamery store in Indonesia (foto dari

Chilled Delights, Worldwide Presence

Before we unravel the halal aspect, let's bask in the glory of Cold Stone Creamery's decadent creations. Picture this: the finest ice cream meticulously blended with an array of mix-ins, all customized to create your personal ice cream masterpiece.

With approximately 1,300 stores worldwide, Cold Stone Creamery has undoubtedly earned its place in the hearts of ice cream lovers everywhere.

"You had me at ice cream!" - Exclaimed every ice cream enthusiast, ever.

Cold Stone Pre Packed Ice Cream. Yummy! (foto dari

Cold Stone Creamery: A Halal Haven in Indonesia

For those residing in Indonesia, fear not! Cold Stone Creamery's icy indulgence is certified halal and ready to be savored. In 2015, it obtained the prestigious MUI Halal Certificate (number 00160074731115), earning the coveted "EXCELLENT (A)" category.

Now that's a whole new level of halal happiness!

"I scream, you scream, we all scream for halal ice cream!" - A harmonious chant from satisfied Indonesian ice cream enthusiasts.

(foto dari

Cold Stone Creamery Abroad: Keeping it Kosher

While Cold Stone Creamery isn't exclusively kosher, it does offer a myriad of kosher ingredients to cater to various dietary preferences.

The ice cream mix, a fundamental component of their luscious creations, is certified kosher, guaranteeing that it contains no animal-based ingredients like beef or pork.

Even the mono- and diglycerides used in the ice cream come from non-animal sources. How kosher-tastic is that?

Furthermore, some Cold Stone Creamery locations are proudly certified kosher, providing an extra scoop of joy for kosher-conscious customers. 

ust remember, since each store is independently owned and operated, it's always a good idea to ask your local store directly about their kosher certification.

A Word from Cold Stone Creamery's Brand Manager

Curious about Cold Stone Creamery's halal journey in Indonesia? We spoke with the enthusiastic Brand Manager, Dini Alamanda Arizully, who assured us of their unyielding commitment to halal standards. Since 2015, they've carried the MUI Halal Certificate, which isn't just a piece of paper but a symbol of their dedication to halal ice cream bliss.

Not stopping there, Cold Stone Creamery Indonesia goes the extra mile to ensure all toppings - imported or otherwise - meet the halal certification requirements.

Only ingredients with the sacred halal stamp make it to your favorite ice cream creations. They even verify that their distributors hold valid halal certificates for all raw materials used. Now that's what we call a delightful dedication to halal!

So, Is Cold Stone Creamery Halal?

Drumroll, please! The verdict is in: Cold Stone Creamery Indonesia is undeniably halal, with its scrumptious offerings backed by the MUI Halal Certificate.

From meticulously curated ingredients to rigorous halal certifications, they leave no stone unturned in ensuring your ice cream experience is not only delicious but also in accordance with your halal preferences.

As for Cold Stone Creamery locations abroad, while they may not be exclusively kosher, the majority of their ingredients are kosher, and some stores even hold kosher certifications.

So, whether you're craving a halal delight in Indonesia or exploring kosher options elsewhere, Cold Stone Creamery has something heavenly in store for you.

Now that the ice cream mystery is solved, it's time to grab a scoop, savor the creamy goodness, and let your taste buds revel in a truly delightful halal ice cream experience. Indulge, enjoy, and let Cold Stone Creamery be your destination for ice cream dreams come true!

"When life gives you ice cream, eat it and be halal-appy!" - A satisfied ice cream connoisseur.


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